One Azure marketing office, Jakarta Indonesia.

The One Azure marketing office is a brainchild conceived by HelloEmbryo in close collaboration with their client, Forzaland.

A residential development that offers studio to two bedroom units, HelloEmbryo was selected to design both the studio and one bedroom show unit. The design of each unit is derived from a narrative, which imagines a particular homeowner and his/ her lifestyle..

The studio targets a single 18 year old undergraduate who enjoys traveling and music. The bathroom walls have been replaced with glass panels to allow natural light in. The bathroom is spacious and the walls are don with artwork that are purchased from one of her many trips abroad.

A poster of her favorite singer, Rihanna, hangs above her bed while providing storage for her collectibles.

The one bedroom show unit is designed for a newly wedded couple who appreciates art and fine dining. The key emphasis here is on comfort and muted colors which befits the demographic.

The white timber molding walls and dark timber floor finish are implemented to provide a visual comfort.

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